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HelloAfter 18 months, many ups and downs, countless hours recording, writing and editing in the studio, driving Marisa mad, brick walls, dead-end roads, steep sometimes painful learning experiences, with every single step along this road accompanied by fear and excitement as I ventured into unknown territory, laughter, euphoria, stress, despair with periodic “what the $^^&* am I doing?” Underneath this all, stood an unwavering belief in Saidi’s music and my abilities. It has finally become a reality with Ambush now being available on iTunes. The original release date was 4/5/13 that I thought would bring luck by fitting in with Yara’s 2nd birthday, however, as fate would have it a ‘technical fault’ delayed the release ’till the 14th but it still did not become available until early this morning, the exact 3 year anniversary of my father’s passing. That’s either luck or a blessing since I dedicated this album to him, a true music lover. I know he would be very proud today. 
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To show your support, apart from buying the CD or downloading the music and telling all your friends, please feel free to give the album a 5 Star review on iTunes. Every little bit helps and your support is most appreciated.
Over the coming hours and days, the album will be trickling its way into global online streaming services such as LastFM, Spotify, Amazon MP3, EMusic, Junodigital to name just a few of the 750 services.

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Edward Shearer

On behalf of Mvula Mandondo

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