Tsunami! Third song for you
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Here, we present to you Tsunami (feat. Rafael Berrio). Watch out!https://soundcloud.com/mvulamandondo/tsunami
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Big thank you to Rafael for his vocal contributions on the song. Originally from Venezuela and Colombia, not only is he an awesome friend, performer and vocalist, he is also a very talented wood sculptor!Since we began playing together, the song evolved to add the second section, and during the recording sessions, Saidi came up with a third section. So now we have an Afro-Rumba-Son-Chachacha-Timba! Enjoy!
This song was written by Saidi 20 years ago in response to the war in Sarajevo and really moved me when I first heard him play it together with Alberto ‘Limon’ Perez. Limon is responsible for really helping me to get closer to the essence of Cuban Rumba percussion. The song is asking, “God, what have we done to deserve this?” Mankind is suffering for its destructive behaviour bringing death in the form of war and natural disasters.
The guitar you see here is a Cuban Tres. Featuring on this song to accompany Said’s unique Afri-Salsa guitar style, the Tres is a corner stone of Eastern Cuban Son. In the larger orchestras of Habana and New York, it’s role was later taken on by the piano.Apart from the well know known transposition and mixing of culture through the slave trade, it was Castro’s involvement in the liberation movements of various African nations in the 1960s and 70s that heled spark a craze for the Cuban sound all over Africa. It fuelled groups like Orchestra Baobab from Senegal and Franco covering songs such as Eddie Palmieri’s Cafe. This all played it part in the development of Central and East African Rumba. More information can be found through the very informative AfroPop blog.
Keep grooving!Edward ShearerOn behalf of Mvula Mandondo

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